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Prisoners of Potential War: The Captive Class

February 9, 2011

Many in our nation, that figment of collective agreement on political maps, have problems. Some of us may see ourselves more affected than others: Some complain about high taxes, others of not even finding a job, and others of having no way to leave.   In this nation, and quite probably many others, we have a special class of people, who while getting media attention on occasion (especially Fox News who blames them for most of society’s ills), are not explained in a sense that they can be identified by most. This class is the class of prisoners of the potential wars.

Far too many are born into abject poverty, not for lack of trying for better on their part or on their parent’s, but by lack of finding a way out.  Many come from homes of those who for generations were far too exploited to rise in the ranks, and far too distracted by their own turmoil to realize that they are under a collective caste system’s oppression, which relies on keeping them down to pacify it’s dwindling middle class. It does this in many ways, when a grown man or woman is bringing back part time minimum wage paychecks, and then spending it in a collective living situation (a dormitory type place that’s like a hotel with shared restroom facilities) and on various distractions to be able to socialize and dull the apparent hopelessness of their situation, the system is fed. As is the hotel/housing system’s owner, who likely owns quite a few of those minimum wage paying companies these people work in, knowing they can not break free with the exorbitant rent costs. Yes, these worker’s paychecks are taxed, to pay for the medicare, food stamps, and other such things they have ‘no way’ of affording to pay themselves on the salaries they are given. Yet those who can afford to own a home down the street happily buy those burgers and other ‘luxury’ goods from people who milk the money right out of town, and show contempt to these miserly workers who lack the basic funds and licensing to get ahead in life due to budgetary constraints.

These people, the abjectly impoverished, the declining middle class, these are all unknowingly the prisoners of potential war.
In their despair, they take the hand outs, and toil away or try to find a way to get a fair wage, some would take any job at all. The hand outs, stolen from their own pockets, and the pockets of those middle class members who fear them for what crimes they may commit out of their misery and maltreatment, are used to swindle them of their plans and dreams. Condemn them to a life ordered by money, ordered by advertisements, ordered by wealthy men and women in suits who most likely never set foot in the properties they profit from.  This money is meant to buy their silence, to stifle the revolutionary spirit. The money is to prevent a potential civil war.