A New Constitution

Now here’s a suggestion, when the time comes…

My version of ‘Constitution”

1.The micronations shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, and/or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; and/or abridging the freedom of speech, and/or of the press; and/or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition their micronation for a redress of grievances. A micronation may however, have a mutual understanding amongst all members that they are of a certain religion or atheist/agnostic quality, and prevent immigration into their micronation from those of other religions. This is to ensure no one world religion can control us all. A micronation may also make unwritten law by egalitarian agreement on nights of assembly that certain forms of media are not to be used, and use cultural/societal methods to enforce, not imprisonment and/or fines.

2.As all citizens form the Militia, being necessary to the security of a truly free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed, nor shall those wishing to be pacifists be forced to fight in times of war. Remember that if you do not fight, there is no guarantee others shall, and to prevent martial law and the fascism it brings, it is suggested to remember that we defend our own liberties, and each others. In case of attempts of external or internal invasion, it shall be up to the micronations to be prepared for battle and mutual defense- should even one micronation be lost, regardless of how different their sun-settable laws may be, we open the entirety up to harm’s way. The macro nation is built upon the foundations of the egalitarian principles of mutualism, liberty, and understanding that despite our smaller differences, we must work together under our shared desire for freedom, to prevent war between us, mutual defence in times of war, and to defend our mutual liberties.
Micronations may decide that an unofficial, or multiple unofficial general types be voted from each territory and be in contact with those from their neighboring micronations, to create a more efficient distribution of methods each region is using, and organization, should the need arise.

3.The right of the people to be secure in their persons, places of residence, papers, and effects, against searches and seizures, shall not be violated, with the exception of the place of residences that may be searched if a warrant by the community’s majority is obtained, in regards to suspected kidnapping or for evidence of rape and/or murder and/or child abuse. This is to guarantee privacy and liberty, as well as protect justice.

4.No person shall be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against them self, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, unless upon death there is no named heir, or the person has more than 15% of total micronation in their possession. If any one person accumulates more than 15% of land of any micronation, or the equivalency of 20% of a total micronation (AS DEFINED IN CLAUSE 13) distributed across the entire set of micronations and/or the world it is the right of the owner to say which portions they will be giving up, and if said person does not limit it, then it shall be for the people to decide- this is to prevent serfdoms from arising due to land rights. If one should be so industrious as to gather that much land, it is necessary to cap it to allow room for others to make progress as well. A person may only be considered a citizen of two micronations at a time, and must spend at least two thirds a year in said micronation to qualify to vote on it’s laws. This is to prevent people from claiming citizenship of many micronations to influence the laws, while not residing and thus being affected by said laws.

5.In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by all micronation members who wish to take part, from the region if the crime was between members of the region, or from the members that wish to take part from the involved micronations, and the direct border micronations of the micronations that the crime was committed, should it be between different micronations. The accused, whom shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against them to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in their  favor, and to have the laws of the micronation territory where the crime was committed at their access. If a law should be voted into place that would render any of the micronation’s constituents a criminal at the instance of passing, said constituents have 31 days to comply before they can be considered in violation of said law.

6.Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor unbalanced cruel punishments inflicted. Should said person be convicted, said person has the right to not choose to follow the micronation imposed law- but shall then be declared an outlaw- non-citizen, and has no defence and shall not be counted as a person except in regards to the anti-slavery clause of the 9th amendment, and the sexual rights guaranteed by clause 7 . This will enable vigilante justice by the victims family.

7. All people have the right to control their own sex life- any non-consensual act qualifies as a serious breach of the law and if found guilty, the victim or victim’s friends and/or family should the victim be dead shall decide the balanced penalty. This can include use of statistics to prevent the perpetrator from ever being physically capable of committing the crime again. In any nations with draconian enough taste, this should prevent rape/child molesting forever.

8. All agencies a micronation decides to have, that being anything from something similar to the FDA, School systems, Prisons, and/or their militia branch, is to be done a’la carte- those who support the cause may choose to contribute to them, and those who do not, may choose not to contribute. No regulatory agency can actually legally prevent people from accessing new medicines/foods, it may merely warn against them. This is to prevent pharmaceutical companies from condemning the earth by labeling natural cures unusable to try and claim the land/monopolize business, and for other shady agendas some have seen in mercury being approved, but marijuana not, in regards to medicine. If a micronation begins to fall to excessive frugality and/or greed of it’s populous, let them reconsider if they should have opted or offered more support to an agency, or create a similar one more suited to their needs.The cost of freedom is responsibility- it is in excessive domestication that people are enslaved, and this is a safe guard against it.

9. All citizens shall enjoy the right to property- and people are never to be considered property. Copy right laws shall defend intellectual property unless it is used in satire,or cited with due credit in research, and shall defend the item/patent for as long as the inventor shall live, except in the case of medicine, in which case it shall be defended for the first 10 years, or the person has made enough to be considered in the top 20% in regards to wealth in the micronation. No corporations are to exist, for their very nature is one of soulless predation. Sole proprietorship, co-ops, and parnerships shall be allowed, but shall not be considered people, though the heads of said organizations shall be held responsible for complying with their laws.

10. All citizens shall have the right to life- from the moment they leave the womb (or prior if a micronation chooses so), they may however surrender this right in the case of murder (provided the micronation of said crime allows for the death penalty in this case), or in mutual predeclared and witnessed fights to the death (Some regions may wish to have this as a viable option to keep poverty/crime levels low, or for military tactic advancement), or if another citizen is exercising self defense against home invasion, kidnap, rape, or murder.

11. In regards to economy, each micronation shall have the right to print their own cash- but it is suggested that it be based off of tangible goods such as gold, land, crops, and minerals, or time for community service being the base of origin. Each nation may post at it’s boundaries the currencies of other nations it takes as well as it’s own- money is a system of value, and in fiat currency it stands for what faith we have in said dollar. In this way should one nation be devaluing it’s dollar by printing more than it can back, the nations with a dollar of value may decline acceptance of that dollar, and offer barter solutions should they feel it right. Trading posts for said purpose are suggested, as is economic education with a strong anti-monopoly bias. There are to be no mortgages or other loans allowed for land and homes- an agreement of goods or services may be worked out with the contracters, but no banking mortgages allowed. This is to prevent widespread foreclosures, and banking monopolies. Loans from organizations and banks are highly suspect, and it is suggested they be avoided all together, as they cause exorbitant inflation. It is also suggested that micronations have currency exchange posts that keep in stock and in touch with the currency of neighboring nations, so that those wishing to travel abroad may have the currency prior to travel.

12.The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

13.All other laws a micronation wishes to abide by, is to be done by direct democracy in micronation regions (*A micronation being no larger than 100 square miles, with their laws legible and posted facing the roadways leading into their micronation). Their laws may be a maximum of 100 so that all citizens may know all the laws, all members of a micronation are entitled to vote, and may not migrate to another micronation without said micronations agreement. All laws are to be sunsettable at the end of the year- the laws that get sunsetted are to be the slots available for new laws. The day prior to the annual election each citizen may post one law suggestion on the community bulletin board along with their name. The approved laws of the previous year are also to be posted on the bulletin board as micronation laws, and shall not be counted against the one citizen, one law suggestion, as previously mentioned. On the election day each citizen is given 100 votes with their name to distribute as they chose amongst the available laws, for or against the laws posted.Voters are entitled to distribute their 100 votes throughout the day, but may not change them once posted. These shall be posted in plain view next to the law so that election fraud is near impossible, and so that citizens may choose with greater care which laws to vote for and/or against by visible tally. Whichever 100 laws have the highest total tally by midnight, shall be put into effect the following day. The election results shall be left on the board untouched for a week, then photographed and recorded, in case of alleged vote tampering. If our vote has been tampered with, you have 1 week to petition to have it recounted. Each micronation citizen shall have the right to have the day of voting off with no threat of job loss. Transparent voting is necessary, as many nations have been accused of rigging elections, and transparent voting is the only near surefire way to guarantee that the votes are true. Also, note that it is the laws to be voted on, for politicians across the world have proven that they do not always do as they say and as the people wish, and to have people vote on the laws should ensure a more responsible, involved citizen body. All micronations must also allow through way to those from different micronations- they may pass through the territory but not settle unless the majority of members of the micronation choose to allow. This is to prevent people from becoming imprisoned in regions that may turn sour, and to prevent unwanted neighbors from settling into communities to try and change their laws by mass migration.

14. There shall be no alterations or additions to the base laws of the macronation- for as the United States government proved, to allow an opening is far too risky.

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