500 Words Time Test

Today I’ve been hunting, safari style, through the various websites of potential clientele, and it’s been confusing. Not only am I still relatively clueless about what will wind up being a good way to get some pay, but I have little in the way of actual knowledge of how long article writing will take. Will these freelance sites that offer only a dollar for a 500 word essay be worth it? How long does it take to write one? With that in mind, I opened my WordPress blog, and began the count.

So at this point in the article about a minute has passed, and the word count is registering at approximately 103. I am intrigued, as the time it takes to type and find the words that flow freely from my phalanges is swiftly passing, assisting me in my self assessment of whether these article offerings will be worth it, or if the article submission and see who pays for usage sites, will offer a better bounty.  I am pretty broke right now.  This feeling of necessity only strengthens the need for me to get my writing practice perfected, as much as a novice freelancer can humanly handle. Whether I will wind up freelancing predominantly in writing or in another artistic venture remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain- I need to try.

Trying to find a local job hasn’t been so easy for me. I don’t know if it’s the sea green hair (It’s the sea green hair), or my lack of desire for drone drudgery, but something holds me back from landing a job locally. Fortunately in the realm of freelancing, my personal aesthetic preferences will not weigh against me in a potential client’s decision, in this arena of potential job offerings, ability weighs stronger than the author’s physical appearance, a blessing for the more boldly attired of us.

Truth is, I’ve never been too fond of retail work, finding no satisfaction in repeatedly ringing out customers on a register with no creative outlet available. Assignments are one thing, a generalized direction is stated, and than it’s up to the author to bring the message to life. This is the fun part, breathing life in the form of eloquence and an almost audible aesthetic of the language, building a body first out of a skeletal outline of the topic’s main points, and plumping up the flesh with words to give the body of typed text muscle. Both during and after the rough sculpting of the body, the editing process occurs, choosing which words will make the article like an infant, having smooth skin, an easy read, all the main points detectable with a brief scan, and delectable with a more thorough read.

It’s that chance, to use words like watercolors to paint an image in the mind of the reader, that holds the main appeal. Whether the aim is a persuasive propaganda piece, or an intelligible informative article, it remains a necessity, for more than just money’s sake, to get the writing to remain in the reader’s mind, and when the day is done, to draw them back for more tomorrow.


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